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School Meals

School prepared meals

We have a fantastic schools meals service with meals cooked on site. As such we can accommodate a wide variety of diets and choices that the pupils have. Generally pupils have a choice of 3 meals each day that is a cold option, a vegetarian option and a hot option. If your child requires a specialised diet through medical reasons we can accommodate this too. Fruit is always available to pupils during their dinner and we always encourage pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Packed lunch

As an alternative option you may choose to send a packed lunch with your child. We will always encourage you to choose healthy options for your child and don’t allow chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks in the packed lunches.

Free School Meals

Some families are eligible for a free school meal to be provided whilst at school. If you feel that you may be eligible more information can be obtained from school (0113 8313 222) or via