Siobhan Dowd Trust ‘Bookshop Spending Spree’ Grant

The Siobhan Dowd Trust works to give young people the opportunity to read and enjoy literature.   The Trust exists to fund any person or groups that:

Take stories to children and young people without stories;

Bring the joy of reading and books to children and young people deprived of access to books and of the opportunity to read;

Fund and support disadvantaged young readers where there is no funding or support.

Throughout the year the Siobhan Dowd Trust run a competition for schools and groups to apply for funds to be spent in their local independent bookshop. This is designed to not only get books (chosen by the pupils) into schools, but to develop the art of browsing in a good bookshop. They also try to support small independent booksellers with this project.

We are delighted to report that GMA have been awarded £500 to spend on books for our pupils – this amount of money will make a huge difference and will help to ensure our young people grow to have a love of books and literature.

Thank you so much to all at the Siobhan Dowd Trust for supporting our Academy.